Firefly Events is a full-service wedding planning and design
company with offices in New York City and Los Angeles and available for travel worldwide! We take care of all the logistics and work with you to design an event that's beautiful and unique. We believe that every wedding is an opportunity to bring our client’s individual style to the forefront.



As designers, we draw inspiration from the past, present and future, from art, fashion and travel, and most often from the dynamic cities we call home! We love bohemian hand crafted design as much as simple modern décor, but what we really love is creating a unique combination of these sensibilities in order to produce weddings that are beautiful, innovative and highly personal.

As planners, our goal is to alleviate the stress and frustration that often accompany wedding planning. We deal with all the scheduling, paperwork, emails and phone calls so you don't have to. We offer our clients a space to laugh, smile, feel inspired, and enjoy every moment of the planning process as well as their special day.

At Firefly we are truly passionate about the art of wedding planning and finding the place where elegance meets creativity.

Can’t wait to meet you!!

XX Firefly


Meet The Team


Teissia [tay-see-ah] FOUNDER

I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with hippie parents and a made up name. It’s true. I spent most of my time running around outside, making weird art projects with whatever I could get my hands on, and singing songs into a tape recorder or a hairbrush, which I seldom used for actual hair brushing. If you would have told me then that I would grow up to live in Manhattan and own my own business, I never would have believed you. But now I can’t imagine it any other way! Always up for an adventure, I spent my early 20′s traveling and living all over the country, including Chicago, where I received my BFA from DePaul University, Los Angeles and a tiny mountain town called Idyllwild. I even spent a summer living in a small cabin in the south of France. After years studying theatre and singing and picking up new creative hobbies here and there, I worked in Los Angeles as an event-coordinator for a non-profit. LAYN – check them out!

While planning fundraising events, I found myself excitedly helping half the women I knew plan their weddings. Eventually, a smart friend suggested that I might want to do this full time. As soon as she said it, I knew that I wanted to do it! Nothing else had ever felt like such a natural fit. That year I created Firefly Events and never looked back! It’s been an amazing journey that finally brought me to the most exciting city of them all – New York. This city inspires me everyday, as do the AMAZING clients I’ve worked with along the way. To top it off, I get to live next door to my childhood best friends, sing with my boyfriend’s band at fun dive bars and I’ve begun to explore the endless possibilities of fondue! I’ll keep you updated on that one.



Alia [ah-lee-ah] PLANNER

I’ve braved almost a decade of New York living, and the city has rewarded me with an amazing husband, an eccentric cat, and countless new ways to look at beauty and experience culture. After years of dabbling in fashion, graphic design, arts and crafts of all kinds, and even producing my own plays, I realized there was a way to tie all of these passions together and use my powers as a chronic list maker for good – wedding planning + design!! That was a good day. I must have been on a roll, because shortly there after I was introduced to the lovely Teissia, and we knew right away that some crazy beautiful collaborations lie in our future. Now I find myself in a dream job working alongside amazing creative ladies, looking at pretty things all day, and doing it all to help my clients celebrate the best days of their lives. Not too shabby!

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