NYC Winter Activities

The Hudson Lodge 

Missing the mountains during this time of the year? We have just the solution. The Hudson Lodge restructures their courtyard during the holidays, turning it into a winter wonderland. They tent their courtyard and drape their low lying wooden furniture with fur blankets and hang taxidermy above their kingly communal tables. They are famous for their hot chocolate and s'more fondue. Yes, please!


Ice Skating in Central Park

The most iconic winter activity to do in New York is ice skating in Central Park. There is nothing quite like it and it is a great activity to do with a big group or with your special someone!

The Aspen Social Club

Looking for a great place to get seasonal cocktails? The Aspen Social Club is just the place. Not to mention it feels just like a wood cabin, but happens to be in the middle of Times Square ;). We highly suggest their take on a Moscow Mule, the Cool Ginger Swing!

The Holiday Market

The Union Square Holiday Market is a traditional NYC experience. Whether your strolling through the pop up shops with apple cider and holiday treats in hand or looking for a unique gift, its always a good time!

xx Firefly 

Winter Rings

Holiday Decorating 101 for the New Yorker

As New Yorkers, we know just how hard it can be to decorate your small apartment for the holiday season. Here are a few ideas to help make your apartment cozy and festive. 

Happy decorating!

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How To Make Your Apartment Into A Sanctuary // Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a calm and peaceful place. A place where you can spends hours in the bathtub and pamper yourself. Here are a few ways to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. 


  • Do away with bright labels and plastic products. Opting for wooden hairbrushes and toothbrushes and beautifully labeled products. We love Aesop's branding and sepia containers! 
  • Bring nature in by filling bland spaces with plants.
  • Turn your bathroom into a spa by making your own scrubs and soaps, using the aromatherapy to make your bathroom smell amazing!
  • Add comfort with calming toned and patterned towels. 


xx Firely

Moodboard Monday // A Sandy Season

We cannot believe December is already here! Teissia and Alia have a week chock-full of holiday parties in L. A. (along with lots of other fun Firefly West happenings), while the Firefly East team is prepping holiday cards and getting all our 2015 couples situated before the winter truly arrives. We sure are getting into the holiday spirit! The Firefly West team is particularly excited about their first sandy Christmas!!!

xx Firefly 

Sophistication Meets Bohemian

Every once in a while we come across wedding dress designers that are on point with thier bespoke game and we fall in love. Today, we want to share some of our favorites!

Laure De Sagazan 

Parisian designer Laure de Sagazan's non- traditional wedding dresses are the perfect combination of bohemian and subtle sophisticaction. Yes please!

Rue De Seine 

Another Parisian wedding dress designer we've been loving is named after one of our favorite streets in Paris, Rue de Siene. Their line is based on the restless spirit of the modern bride, captured with flowing silhouettes and bohemian inspired embroideries.

Daughters of Simone 

Daughters of Simone is a romantic non-traditional bridal gown company inspired by fashion muses of years gone by. Their aim is to make each custom gown the brides own. We are so excited that they just opened a show room in New York!

xx Firefly 

DIY // Arrows

This DIY brightens up any wall!


1. Using the x-acto knife, sharpen the end of the dowels to a point.

2. Paint your dowels into four colors. Using two of the paint colors can help create an ombre look. 

3. In the pattern you desire, wrap the hemp string around the dowel securing it with a knot and a bit of hot glue.

4. Cut your feathers in half down the middle. From there, cut two inches from the top of the feather at a downward angle. Then, cut the top into a downward angle. Using the hot glue gun, paste two feathers adjacent to each other along the top of the dowel. 

5. Using that creativity - paint any details you desire with the acrylic and tiny paintbrush.

Hope you enjoy!

xx Firefly