Bridal Fashion Week Faves

Sarah Seven


Sarah Seven's collection was stunning! Whether it be Sarah's use of ruching, sparkle, or lace, the dresses just kept on impressing us. We particularly loved that Sarah embraced unique styles, such as a romper that a skirt can be added to and a two piece dress, while maintaining her delicate romantic touch. Can't wait to see these dresses on winter brides!

Claire Pettibone

calire pettibone.jpg

As always, Claire Pettibone blew us away! This season her collection was inspired by iconic gothic cathedrals such as the Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey and St. Pattick's. You can see these details in her use of the metallic lace and silk embroideries. And man did we love those backs!

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhullier's line was inspired by the ballerina that resides in the jewelry boxes of young girls everywhere. She embraced an elegant fairytale look. We loved the lace details and intricate beading of the dresses! So elegant!

xx Firefly

DIY // Flower Crown

Who doesn't love a flower crown! This is a super fun DIY that can be used for any celebration.


  • An array of flowers. We usually like to use at least three different varieties. For this crown we chose anemones, ranunculus and black current berries.
  • Greenery of your choice
  • Floral wire
  • Flower Tape
  • Scissors

Start by connecting your green vines with floral wire. You do this by simply wrapping the floral wire around the vines as tightly as possible. Depending on your desired size and the size of your vines you may connect more than two sections. Next, start placing the flowers where you would like them on the crown. Using the floral wire set them in place by wrapping the stem of the flowers against your greenery vine base. You also want to wrap the flower tape around any place you use the wire so it doesn't show. Continue setting the flowers in your desired  pattern until your crown is complete. Then using your scissors cut off any undesired leaves, stems, wire or tape.

Photos by Alexandra Celia

xx Firefly

Ilana + Tim on Style Me Pretty

Happy Friday! We're so excited to share Ilana + Tim's amazing winter wedding on the blog today. This wedding was so much fun! We had an all star team on hand and mother nature even chipped in, with the first snow fall of the season. Check out all the lovely details on Style Me Pretty! AND, don't forget to check out their sweet video, below :)

Photos by Ro from Les Loups. Video by Hello Super 8

Moodboard Monday // That Perfect Light

take 3.jpg

As wedding planners we have a special place for that perfect light that hits windowed rooms and outdoor spaces right before the sun goes down. It's the light that witnesses those priceless moments between individuals who love each other. The first kisses, the exchanging of vows and the old couples holding hands. We are blessed to work in a job where we are surrounded by these interactions :). We hope you enjoy this weeks precious moments!

xx Firefly 

How To Make Your Apartment Into A Sanctuary // Bedroom

Here in NYC our days are busy, long and often quite hectic so coming home to a beautiful and inspiring space is an important way to end the day. Over the next few months we'll be giving you some simple tips on how to turn your apartment into a sanctuary. Today we're starting with the most important room of them all - your bedroom


bedroom 2 sanctuary .jpg

One of the key ingredients to a bedroom is windows. They immediately make a room feel bigger and you can't beat the natural light they provide. We also love bringing the outdoors in so we'll often look for the perfect branch at the flower market to keep in a big apothecary vase. To bring in even more greenery, an assortment of potted plants is a great way to go. As for the bedding, in a sanctuary, we love an all white bed with different textures and layers to cozy up in. Its also key to have the right lighting and unique fixtures, like the accordion light and the geometric chandelier, are the perfect addition to any bedroom. Don't forget fantastically scented candles and pampering products. We love the candles from Diptyque as well as some soothing lotions like this one from Aesop. To top it off this tan silk teddy by Lee Fee Verte makes for the perfect relaxing night. 

We hope this inspires some great interior ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx Firefly 

DIY // Dip Dye Canvas

We're on a dip dying kick folks! A few weeks ago we showed you how to dip dye a wedding dress and today our fantastic intern, Tess, will walk you through making a super simple and beautiful backdrop/wall hanging.

How to:

  • Cut your canvas to the desired size.
  • Wash your canvas in a washing machine. Don't worry about drying it. It's better to dye canvas while it's wet because it soaks up color better.
  • Fill your container halfway with water.
  • Add in small amounts of dye at a time, using scraps of canvas to test the the saturation.
  • Once you create your desired color dip your canvas into the water.
  • Submerge the canvas to the point where you want the color to end and let it soak for about five minutes.
  • After five minutes take some of the fabric out and add more dye to the water so the color becomes more saturated.
  • Repeat this process, adding more dye each time and taking more of the canvas out of the water. This will create an ombré effect.
Photos by Alexandra Celia

This makes a great ceremony or photobooth backdrop and can also double as an awesome decorative piece in your home or office. Think we might make one for the LA office :)

xx Firefly 

Firefly West!

If you follow us on Instagram you already know that in January 2015 we're re-launching our LA office!

I started Firefly five and a half years ago from my studio apartment in Los Feliz, CA. After about 2 years in LA, I relocated the business to New York. While I knew that NY was home, I didn’t want to say goodbye to all the wonderful southern California couples.  Soon after the move to NY, I hired Alia with the idea that in the not-so-distant future she would head up the CA office. Three and half years later, the Firefly West office will indeed be reopening with Alia at the helm. Look for our downtown LA office in January of 2015.

So excited to become bicoastal!  

xx Firefly

Fashion Week Through the Eyes of Blonde Lasagna

"I don't believe in erasers. People are not perfect and neither is art! Blondelasagna is meant to be spontaneous, quirky, sassy and free. Each piece is created with passion and personality that I hope transcends paper."

- Blair Breitenstein

Blair Breitenstein is a Seattle based artist that we adore!!! The way she captures fashion and people is brilliant and we are not the only one noticing this, she is blowing up all over the blogging and fashion word! Check her blog out here, her Etsy shop out  here and instagram here. :)

Oscar de la Renta 

Oscar de la Rentas designs were inspired by the summer of 1991 and the innocent hazy dreams of suburban life. The structural patterns and shapes were modeled after early computer codes and the colors of light pink, bright green and cerulean were meant to evoke a backyard summer pool feel. The gowns were gorgeous, girly and fun! We absolutely loved the cutout floral pieces! We cannot wait to see what Oscar de la Renta has in store for bridal designs this year!!!

Donna Karen

Donna Karen's pieces were red, black, tan and blue, with scribbles, splashes, strokes and sequins evoking the art on New York streets. Her show stood out with oversized hats and sultry bras. As you can see they made quite a statement!

J. Crew

J. Crew's collection was super chic and inspired by nautical adventures. The hues were inspired by the ocean - deep teal, rich indigo and all sorts of shades of azure. Every one of the outfits were perfectly layered and looked like they were made to blow in the wind on a beach. And of course fashion week fans were loving the Instagram's and videos of Jenna Lyons and Man Repeller hanging out on the streets of New York. :)

Opening Ceremony 

Opening Ceremony made quite a splash this year by foregoing the traditional runway show and instead debuting their line in a 30 minute one act play written by Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill. The show, titled 100% Lost Cotton, took place at the Metropolitan Opera house, starring Elle Fanning and was about the lives of models. We thought it was brilliant! The clothes made their statement in the play with a black and white palette, pops of coral, orange, and pink, with a lot of perforated neoprene.

Nicole Miller

One of our favorite shows this year was Nicole Miller!!! Her look came from Brazil where she got inspiration for optical patterns and a whole lot of tropicana. Palm prints, floral prints, tutti-frutti embellishment were all seen walking down her runway. Her pineapple jacquard on a clingy cropped sweater and skirt combo was our favorite! We are so excited to see what she is going to do for Bridal fashion week this year.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

xx Firefly