DIY // Gold Leaf Water Bottle

Happy Friday! We're going to end the week with a fun, easy and cheap DIY that is perfect for all occasions. Whether you decide to keep these pretty bottles to have around the house, use them at dinner parties or put them on every table at your wedding, they are  guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. We made our water bottles for an awesome project we can't wait to share with you (coming soon to Style Me Pretty) and they looked fantastic!

wotter bottle 1
woter bottle 2

What you'll need:

Glass Water Bottle

Gold Leaf


Painter's Tape

First, clean your water bottle and dry it thoroughly. Then tape out the design you would like. You can make lines, squares, triangles - the possibilities are endless. We used 1" thick painter's tape, but you can use whatever thickness you like to vary the size of the spaces between your painted lines/shapes. Using your paintbrush, apply the gold leaf to the blank space between your taped lines. We suggest doing several coats of gold leaf, just make sure to allow the previous layer to dry completely before you apply the next coat. Once you're happy with the opacity of your gold leaf, slowly remove the painter's tape and voilà! you have a beautifully painted water bottle that will certainly bring a little something extra to the table - pun intended ;).


xx Firefly