Questions, Answered: Vol 1

We've been meaning to start an "advice" column of sorts, here on the blog- and our recent giveaway on Style Me Pretty was the just the push we needed. Today's question is one that we get all the time!!!

Q: How do you keep your wedding look cohesive, without looking too "theme-ish?

Here are a few of our favorite tips....

1. Keep the details of your wedding day PERSONAL! Your wedding should reflect you and your fiance, not replicate a photo in a magazine.

2. Incorporate adjectives into your theme. For instance, a fun, bright, backyard wedding will start to inform your choices in a way that blue and peach backyard wedding might not be able to.

3. Use more then one shade of each color that you've picked for your color scheme. For instance, if your colors are blue and peach, maybe the bridesmaids are wearing dresses in a few different shades of blue, and maybe the flowers range from vibrant orange to pale peach.

4. Instead of draping every corner of your venue with colors or items that echo your theme, go for purposeful pops of design. For instance, try colored napkins instead of a colored tablecloth.

5. Repeat details in small and interesting way. We love to choose a typography style and utilize it all the way through the event, from the invitations, to the menus.

6. Know when to say when! If your thinking "is it too much to add...." It probably is!!

We hope these tips help! What are your favorite ways to keep a look cool and cohesive? Also, feel free to write in with your wedding planning questions at

Happy Weekend :)