TEISSIA - Founder 

As a highly creative and insanely organized individual, Teissia immediately fell in love with event planning and design. It was the perfect combination of the left and right brain and encompassed all her passions in one. After working as an event coordinator at an amazing non-profit in LA, Teissia started Firefly in 2009 and never looked back! Her goal was, and continues to be, to create a company that is ever-changing. A company that is always innovative and adventurous and focuses on a highly personalized level of service. It’s been an amazing journey that finally brought her to one of the most exciting cities of them all – New York. This city inspires her everyday, as do the amazing clients she's worked with along the way.


ALIA - Co-Owner

After a decade in New York, Alia is ecstatic to call California her home! Her love of beauty, design, list making, and amazing parties, brought her to Firefly Events in 2011 and she's been making magic ever since. With an eye for detail as well as the big picture, planning events allows Alia to tie all her passions together into one perfect package. When she's not updating spread sheets or creating design boards, you can find her strolling the streets of Los Feliz with her two favorite guys, Noah and Wyatt (also known as husband and child), or catching up with old and new friends over a gin + tonic.


GABBY - Planner + Designer

An LA born, San Diego educated, proud resident of New York. Never having been the type to stick to one hobby, Gabby is able to explore all of her passions through planning events! Whether she's awing over our latest photographs, water coloring escort cards, or geeking out over her latest photoshop discovery, she truly enjoys every aspect of her job. Our resident spelling bee champion with a knack for organization, Gabby's type A personality loves everything about curating informative spreadsheets and finds true joy crossing items off her daily to-do lists. Her favorite thing about NYC is her ability to constantly explore new places and try new things. Outside of work, you will often find her practicing yoga, hands deep in a DIY project for her home, or indulging in good eats around the city.


ELIZA - Planner + Designer

An eternal optimist at heart, Eliza brings her "glass half full" attitude to everything she does here at Firefly. After graduating from the University of Miami, Eliza entered into the event world and quickly fell in love, recognizing that it was everything she wanted in a career; the perfect mix between challenging and creative. As a native of Jackson Hole, she is absolutely elated to finally be home after having spent almost a decade on the East Coast. We truly couldn’t have picked a better gal or a more special place to open our newest branch of Firefly! When she isn't working or planning her own wedding, you can find her cozy at home in Wilson, where she currently resides with her fiancé and their dogs.


ALYSSA - Planning + Design Assistant

A born and raised Angeleno (yes, they do exist!), Alyssa truly loves Los Angeles and is delighted to join Firefly's West Coast team. Early on, she was avid about organizing her time into timelines, a meticulous list maker, and obsessed with flowers. After taking an Event Management course in college, she realized that event coordinating encompassed her love for details and interest in design. In her free time, you can find her teaching herself how to cook, kickboxing, or enjoying a nice cheese plate.



TESS - Design Assistant

A proud Seattle native, Tess is ambitious, whimsical, and a natural born designer. Growing up, Tess was often inspired by her love of nature and the outdoors, and these elements continue to influence her today. Her big heart and innovative aesthetic make her a perfect fit for our wedding planning team! Tess is also our go-to style guru and her creative eye oversees our blog, keeping it chock full of fun DIY's, fashion, and interiors. As a creative, New York City allows her to move passionately towards her dreams. In her free time you can find her arranging flowers, discovering the best chai tea lattes, and snapping pictures of the city.


*Photos by Jessie Webster, Trent Bailey,  and Heather Waraksa