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Planning a wedding is stressful.  Unfortunately for a lot of brides and grooms, the stress of the day prevents them from enjoying what should be the happiest and most fun day of their lives.  If you are considering planning a wedding or event with Firefly, don't hesitate.  DO IT!  My wife and I worked with Firefly for our September 2016 wedding in Charleston.  After we signed the contract, we ended up changing our plans multiple times.  In fact, we even changed the country we had originally agreed on.  At every step of the process, Teissia and her team were kind, understanding, helpful, and, most importantly, consummate professionals who navigated obstacles with ease and made the planning process exciting for us, not overwhelming.   

Before talking about the actual wedding, it's worth noting that one of the best parts of working with the ladies of Firefly is that, besides being great at their jobs, they're also wonderful people.  My wife and I genuinely consider them friends.  We even said at our wedding that if they hadn't been working there, we would have wanted to invite them because we couldn't imagine the day without them.  They are cool, funny, smart, and normal (no NYC-style egos or diva behavior).  You will spend a lot of time communicating with whichever planner you choose, so it's hard to overstate how important it is to actually like them.  Teissia and everyone who works for her is a bona fide superstar in terms of both professionalism and personality.  

Finally, the wedding.  Even with all our faith and confidence in Firefly, we couldn't have imagined how beautiful the day would turn out.  They anticipated every potential glitch and our every need, and the process ran seamlessly.  We were totally unburdened and able to simply enjoy our day.  Even our guests remarked that they felt like whenever they had a desire, a member of the Firefly team had anticipated it and delivered whatever it was.  

It's unusual to be able to endorse any company without hesitation, but Firefly is special.  Teissia puts a premium on kindness, expertise, and professionalism, and her example courses through the veins of everyone at the company.  We will be forever grateful for having met them, and we can't wait for them to plan birthday parties for our kids!



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Where to begin?  It took me 16 months to finally write these words because I'm a legendary procrastinator and ultimately I didn't feel any review could do Teissia, Gabby and Eliza justice.  Our florist Saipua recommended Firefly Events to us.  Collectively Saipua has incomparable taste so from that perspective it was an easy decision.  And then meeting them was love at first sight.

In the words of Vogue, when it comes to throwing a dream wedding, there is hardly enough that can be said about hiring a capable planner.  Hiring Firefly was like giving ourselves a gift that kept on giving.  A great wedding planner will truly listen to you and then share expertise and advice in a positive, honest way.  They'll make the complex simple.  They'll embrace challenges.  And they'll keep it real.  From the beginning, Teissia, Gabby and Eliza always listened thoughtfully to all of our ideas and concerns.  They truly understood our hopes and intentions and invariably had helpful suggestions and tips.  All three of them have a lovely way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter how worried you might feel inside.  I left our meetings feeling happy, grateful, empowered and inspired.  My husband and I both loved working with them and becoming friends.  We trusted them implicitly.

Depending on whom you ask, I am either a perfectionist or an OCD-control freak, but actually I'm both.  Luckily my husband is neither.  We planned our wedding together with Firefly for six very intense months, and I can't imagine—nor do I want to imagine—having done it without them.  It was an exciting but also stressful time for our family:  we had recently moved and had a baby, I was transitioning to working again (albeit from home), we didn't have child care, and we were planning a huge wedding by ourselves.  There were never enough hours in the day.  We had a four-day late-summer wedding celebration in Montauk, New York with 200 guests, including 30 children.  Each day had its own unique festivities and I had a very specific vision for practically everything.  There were countless details and complicated logistics to work through and consider, and I was usually running behind on my end, but Firefly's organization, foresight, gentle encouragement and seriously effective time management kept us on course.  I'm sure they were simultaneously coordinating multiple clients and therefore many other vendors, but we never felt we had less than their full attention and commitment.  They helped us find so many exceptional people, including a calligrapher who saved the day at the eleventh hour, our wedding photographer, videographer, cake shop, tailor, make-up artist, hairstylist, tintype photographer, shot girls, the designer who created our paper moon photo backdrop, the list goes on.  Thanks to Firefly we had all-stars all-around.

Our wedding day only reinforced how wonderful they are.  Even in high-pressure last-minute situations, without exception they calmly moved things along beautifully, balancing professional expertise with sensitivity and poise.  An anxiety-inducing seating chart, a few inevitable miscommunications, heightened emotions all-around, the occasional dictatorial request, you name it... they took it all in stride.  All three of them personified grace under fire, and they made it all look easy.  In addition to being the extremely organized, efficient, meticulous, patient and brilliant planners they are, Teissia, Gabby and Eliza are simply great people — warm, kind, compassionate, intuitive, full of heart... sweethearts all three.  It's one thing to be highly respected in your industry, but it's another to be adored by both clients and peers.  Plus they are just cool and fun, not to mention capable of miracles.

In the end our wedding was what we envisioned and hoped for:  a beautiful celebration of nature, children and love.  Our guests had a glorious time, and that's what was most important to us.  We are so grateful to Firefly Events and the incredibly talented artists and vendors they helped us find, all of whom worked tirelessly to bring our dream to life.




I got married in April 2016 and we worked with Firefly from a few weeks after we got engaged through the wedding day (about 5+ months).  We got married in Manhattan but live in Santa Monica, so I worked mostly with Alia, the West Coast manager.  I had some other interactions with the ladies in the NY office when I would visit and have appointments there (and of course for the wedding).  Simply put, they know weddings, inside and out, and they provide a very high level of service.  Alia was always completely professional, extremely hard-working, responsive, organized, and at the same time creative and artistic.  She is smart, experienced, and knowledgeable.  The vendors she suggested were fantastic.  And I enjoyed working with her on the creative/aesthetic aspects (she has great taste!).  On the day of the wedding, everything went beautifully.  They had a team of people all over every aspect of the day and everyone (we, our families, and our guests) were very impressed.  




I picked Firefly Events to plan our wedding last May and it was easily one of the best decisions that I could have made. Teissia and Gabby are tireless hard workers who have an obvious knack for aesthetics, organization, and people skills that make them so well suited for their line of work. They helped make the process of wedding planning truly seamless and were able to work with us to come up with a vision that was both true to personal taste and that worked beautifully with the venue. And not to mention that our wedding day turned out to be absolutely stunning!!! We received an endless stream of compliments from friends and family afterward. My husband and I were extremely pleased with all the vendor recommendations along the way. Teissia and Gabby are also two of the most personable and easy-to-get-along with people you'll meet and they were a true pleasure to work with. Don't hesitate to hire these girls.

- Daniella and Patrick


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I had quite a long engagement (1.5 years) and Firefly was one of the few wedding planners who agreed to work with us the entire time. Many planners would only offer a year commitment. I like that the girls are younger and seem to better understand a young bride's vision (or at least "young" by New York City wedding standards ha). My mother and I had a lot of opinions (often differing) and Firefly was able to help manage our differences. The main thing my husband, my mom, and I appreciated was the day of. Everything went perfectly. We felt no stress on our wedding day. I'm sure there were all sorts of minor issues popping up behind the scenes, but we didn't hear about (or more importantly see) any of them. Teissia, Gabby, and their team took care of everything. I couldn't have asked for a better day. We felt like VIPs, which is how you should feel on your wedding day.

- Kelly AND Matt



Firefly truly gave us the greatest experience of our lives! Not only was Alia willing to accept the challenge of working with only 5 months to plan, 200 guests and a sensible budget, she was so excited to get creative and make it happen. The planning process felt totally manageable mostly because Alia kept us focused on what was actually important in any given task. The result was a stress free wedding day that was one hundred percent representative of our identity as a couple. Our family and friends felt completely taken care of and every single vendor that Alia found for us was on point! We recommend Firefly to anyone and everyone and cherish the time we got to experience their collaborative spirit, obvious passion, and utmost professionalism.

- Briga and Rene



My husband Cole and I worked with Firefly Events for about 14 months leading up to our September 2015 wedding. From the moment we sat down with Teissia, we knew that we had found *the one* to design and plan our wedding. Not only was it immediately clear that she possessed the "hard skills" we were looking for in a planner (she was organized, communicative, and knowledgeable about local vendors, for example), but she also made it her first priority to truly "get" us -- to understand who we were as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. Both Teissia and her incredible NY-based team (shout out to the amazing Gabby and Eliza!!) worked closely with Cole, my parents, and me, and we all became fast friends. Because of their dedication to us as people, our wedding really reflected our personalities; in fact, that's the biggest compliment we continue to receive about our wedding -- that it was "SO you guys!" We have the Firefly team to thank for creating something so deeply personal.

We'd heard horror stories about wedding planning ruining relationships, but with Firefly at the helm, not only did no one kill each other, but we actually had so much fun throughout the process. We are a nitpicky group (and my mom and I are quite Type A), but Firefly handled all of the craziness we threw their way with such grace and kindness. While we must have asked a trillion questions, edited program drafts a thousand times, and took forever to decide our music selection, Firefly was so patient with us and really guided us such that these tasks created no stress. Firefly's fantastic Google spreadsheets kept us all on track and in the know, and we could rest assured that nothing would slip through the cracks. We were in competent hands from start to finish.

Firefly is part of the most wonderful community of vendors in New York that we had the privilege of working with. One reason we chose to work with Firefly was their commitment to working with and supporting other small businesses in the industry, and they helped us assemble such an amazing team of vendors that were both so professional and a true joy to work with. When we had an issue with our venue's mandatory caterer only 8 weeks prior to our wedding, Teissia stepped in and expertly renegotiated our contract (without us having to ask!) AND found us another excellent caterer (another fantastic member of this close-knit vendor community) in no time. Firefly's strong relationships with these vendors (and their willingness and excitement to work with a new vendor from out of town that we found through a friend) made our entire wedding planning process -- and the day of -- totally seamless.

- Alex and Cole



A wedding is only as good as the people who plan it! Let me start by saying that I know I wasn't always the EASIEST to work with...coming from a design background, I had very high expectations and visions for how I wanted things to look. However, when it comes to designing anything for yourself, it can get really really hard to narrow things down and actually make decisions. I knew I needed to place my faith in a team that would translate and execute my vision, and that's exactly what Firefly did. My husband and I were planning an at home wedding with close to 250 wasn't an easy event to plan, but Alia was there literally, sending me emails and following up on a daily basis for close to a year. Whether i wanted to deal with her or not, she was ALWAYS a step ahead and took control of everything for me. There may have been only one or two days where I didn't hear from her and that was when she was giving birth to her baby, so she was excused! However, that didn't slow her down one bit...Alia and the entire Firefly team were amazing, and I'm sure everyone thinks their wedding was truly one of the greatest... but this really of the greatest. There were hiccups here and there, which is inevitable when planning such a crazy event, but Alia would NEVER present an obstacle or issue without a solution already in place.  I wanted a wedding in Baltimore, with vendors from up and down the east coast, and Alia made it happen. Friends and family have asked when the "reunion" will be...As in the anniversary blowout, aka wedding part 2 which Firefly will without a doubt be a part of.

- Brigit and Billy



We absolutely LOVED working with Teissia and Firefly Events!!!! We have the Firefly Events ladies to thank for the most beautiful, seamless and perfect day in our lives! From the moment we hired Firefly, we felt not one ounce of stress or worry for our wedding day. Who knew wedding planning could be so fun? Teissia is the sweetest, most creative, talented and organized person and it genuinely shows through her amazing events. She was there every single step of the way from the concept and design of the wedding, helping us find amazing vendors, organizing and facilitating all vendor meetings, and providing us with professional guidance in a non-obtrusive and tasteful way. With my husband and I both working full time jobs with a full travel schedule, she made planning SO easy and stress free. Our wedding was absolutely stunning and flawlessly executed and it we owe it all to Teissia's dedication to ensure that we had and ENJOYED the wedding of our dreams. We received overwhelming compliments on not only the design details, but how smooth, elegant and effortless the wedding day was. It was the best decision we could have ever made to hire Firefly Events to plan our wedding and feel so lucky to have worked with them. Teissia we love you!

- Brett and Anthony


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My husband and I were married in May of 2014 and to say that our wedding day was perfect is an understatement. It was the most magical event, down to every detail and Teissia and Alia made it happen. Even before I got engaged, I found Firefly and knew that I wanted them to be a part of our wedding. Their aesthetic, understated elegance, and unique style was exactly what we wanted for our wedding and these girls did not disappoint! They were professional, detail oriented, and so on the ball. When people asked me if I was stressed planning my wedding, I tell them "What do I have to stress about?" Because I knew that with Teissia and Alia, I was totally covered. The wedding day was incredible- beautiful, organized, and fun. Every single person who was there, came up to me and said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. The other thing that was so amazing- was that it felt so much like US. It was exactly what we wanted. My parents (who are not easy to impress) were so blown away as well. I can not say enough good things about team Firefly!

- Emily and Matt



Alia is  so talented, creative, organized, and   such a pleasure to work with! We couldn't have done it without her! We enjoyed working with her every step of the way and it was worth every penny!! Hope our other daughter gets married soon so we can plan another wedding with Alia and Firefly Events! We will miss her until then!! Thanks Alia for making our daughter's wedding vision a reality! Alia deserves 6 Stars!!

-Mindy (Mother of the Bride, Jenny AND Ben)



I cannot say enough good things about the team behind Firefly Events. First and foremost, they made the whole process, down to choosing napkin rings, incredibly fun. Aside from being a pleasure to work with, they helped me create the exact wedding I wanted (and helped me figure out what it was that I wanted!), while staying within my budget. They took care of everything, making the entire wedding planning process seem effortless and seamless. They gave me the perfect amount of guidance -  allowing me to feel like I was running the show, while keeping me on track. I had such a great experience working with them, I asked my [now] husband if we could push the wedding back a few months, just so I could keep working with Teissia and Alia!

- Leila and Alex



What can I add to this unbroken string of 5-star reviews? Alia and Teissia planned our wedding, and it may have been the best money I've ever spent in my life.
Our guests praised our attention to detail, and how personal and "us" the wedding felt. We took credit, obviously, but the truth that I'll only share with you Yelpers is that it was all them. They perfectly understood the aesthetic we wanted and then executed it perfectly. And they brought us in under-budget.
Hire these women. You can't go wrong.




I recently got married and cannot imagine having planned it all without Alia from Firefly by my side.  After months of daily emails, phone calls, and vendor visits together, it actually started to feel like planning a wedding with a friend, and after the big day was over (and the honeymoon tan faded), I honestly went through Firefly-withdrawal!   I went into this process not sure that I even wanted/needed a wedding planner, but I quickly learned that planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job at times (and I already had one of those!), and having Alia to lean on and help lead the way through the process was priceless.  Her recommendations on vendors was spot on and she totally got my aesthetic, and she was able to juggle everything while somehow making me feel like I was her only client.  I was particularly in awe of Alia's endless patience and ability to keep a smile on her face at all times, especially considering that me & my parents can be a tough bunch at times.  Overall, Alia, Teissia and the Firefly team are just awesome - they're super sweet gals who genuinely care about what they do, and you can feel that every step of the way.  I'm so glad I got to share my wedding experience with them, and you'd be lucky to do the same!




Hiring Teissia and Alia was by far the best decision we made during the wedding planning process. At our first meeting they promised us a fun, stress-free journey, and that is exactly what we got. These girls had everything we could have wanted in a planner, creativity, insight, super organization skills, and of course, patience! It felt like your good friend, who just happens to be extremely talented and resourceful, was going to take care of everything, so what could there be to worry about? We truly felt their passion for creating the perfect day for us, even when we didn't know what that looked like yet.

On the big day, Teissia and Alia were everywhere at once, making sure we never had to "play host." It was so amazing to actually be able to enjoy this beautiful day that we had been anticipating for so long. If you thought you wouldn't have time eat at your wedding, think again! These two made sure I ate a lot :). I can't imagine, nor would I want to, what our wedding day would have looked like without the lovely ladies at Firefly.




We got engaged, then got married 10 months later. In between those two beautiful moments was nothing but stress-free and fun wedding planning thanks to Teissia and Firefly Events.  After only one meeting we knew Teissia was the perfect person to help plan and execute our destination wedding in Jamaica. It was confirmed that we had chosen the right person when we got to Jamaica 6 months before our wedding and she had set up a perfectly curated list of vendor meetings from thousands of miles away. Throughout the entire process she was organized, thoughtful, attentive and very flexible. She went above and beyond and we definitely could have done it without her. She dealt with all of the vendors, language barriers, family and logistic issues with grace. Not to mention she was extremely pleasant to be around. We felt like we were planning our wedding with a friend. In short she made the experience of planning our wedding really enjoyable. The day of the actual wedding day went perfect and she completely shielded us from all the craziness that happens on that day so our families and us could completely focus on this celebration of our love. Thank you again Teissia, you are INCREDIBLE.




My wife and I are both creative, shy, and busy. For years, we have sacrificed our free time to take a chance on the startup industry of San Francisco, far from our family and friends. When we became engaged, we knew we wanted more than a wedding. We wanted a chance to thank those who have offered us their love, advice, and support during these tumultuous years. After our first call with Teissia and Alia, we were confident that they understood our unusual ideas and our goals.

And our ideas were unusual. The central theme, machinery overrun by nature, had raised some eyebrows, but it was embraced by Teissia and Alia. Their enthusiasm with our vision gave us the confidence to fully pursue our quirky ideas, and their blunt honesty reined us in when we went a bit too far. They put together a dream team of creative and ambitious vendors, each of whom were a perfect mix of quirky and professional.  

Though we were on opposite ends of the country, it was easy for us to stay on the same page with Teissia and Alia via email and phone calls. Due to scheduling restrictions, we had to cram vendor meetings into four short trips. Despite the hectic schedule, they were endlessly patient and always on top of what was happening.  

We were so confident with Firefly's progress that halfway through we asked them to plan a small, game-themed, bar hop bachelor/bachelorette party. As luck would have it, on the evening of our party an epic post-Hurricane Sandy blizzard blew in to ruin plans and prevent half of our friends from attending. Rather than succumb to defeat, Teissia and Alia hiked through the snowstorm to make sure the party was still a hit. The guests who could attend still brag about the party to anyone who will listen.

When the wedding day itself came, to say it was more than I expected is an understatement. Every phase of the wedding was amazing. Though there was a minor hiccup or two, nothing distracted us from having a wonderful time, appreciating one another, and sharing our love with our family and friends. During the wedding, a relative told my wife, "I feel like I am in your dream!" Teissia and Alia brought us closer to those we love, and that is a debt we can never repay.




As the Mother of the Bride,  I wanted to make sure my daughter was 100% happy with her event planners,   but I also wanted to make sure I was pretty happy!  The wedding was taking place in NYC,  but I live in Los Angeles,  so I really needed reassuring that this could be done long distance.   With Teissia and Alia  -- no problem whatsoever!   Working with the girls was not only easy,   but fun.  They are very organized,  but more importantly they  kept us organized , on track,  and on time.    

My daughter and I had a lot of ideas -- some great,  some not so great.  The Firefly girls knew when to go for it and when to let it go.  I think one of the things that I was the most impressed with was their response time to everything that came up.  I can't think of a single thing in the 8 months that we worked together that wasn't addressed ASAP.  I have heard stories of wedding planners who seem to disappear at times,  leaving the client to get frustrated and worried.  This never happened with Teissia and Alia.  Every little thing I asked them about was answered as if it were of the utmost importance. In fact,  they made us feel as if we were their only and most important clients, which I know is how they make all their clients feel.

My daughter's engagement was virtually stress free -- and I know it had a lot to with Firefly.  There just wasn't anything to stress about because everything was addressed.

As for the actual wedding -- it was spectacular! It was everything we had hoped for and more! Teissia and Alia really understood the "feel" that my daughter was trying to achieve and they nailed it! A bit retro, a bit whimsical, a bit formal, a big party! The dancing didn't stop until the venue closed us down. The guests have now nicknamed the wedding "BWE", which stands for Best Wedding Ever!! And it was!!

- Deanne Heymann ( Mother of the bride, Jamie AND Mike)



We hired Alia at Firefly Events to plan and coordinate our intimate wedding at iCi in Brooklyn NY. Despite our modest scale (we had about 50 guests), Alia gave us her full attention and treated us with such kindness and respect. She made herself available by phone, email, and at in person meetings. She coordinated our vendors, joined us for tours of iCi/logistics meetings, stepped in whenever we hit a bump in the road, and gave us emotional support when it was desperately needed.

We decided to do our own flowers. This was no small feat! Alia joined us at the flower market, helped us pick out flowers, and her and Teissia even helped us with our arrangements and bouquets. The day of our wedding, both Alia and Teissia ensured that our ceremony, reception, and after party ran seamlessly. The Firefly events team decorated our venue, transported our flowers/decor/supplies, coordinated our wedding party during the ceremony, and ensured that all of our guest were happy! We enjoyed our special day without a worry or care thanks to their hard work! We could not have pulled off the such a special day without Alia and Tessia. They took our vision and made it even better than we could have imagined!




Honestly, I have never experienced service like this before. Teissia goes above and beyond what you could ever hope for- my wedding was an absolute DREAM... and that is only because every single little detail was taken care of by this incredible wedding planner.  She thought of things that no one else did- making everything go so smoothly the day of the wedding, so that I could relax and actually enjoy my own wedding. I didn't have to worry about anything- Teissia was there. She really is someone who cares- about every aspect of your wedding- and doesn't care how much work it will take her- she will do it with a smile. She never let me settle for less than what I REALLY wanted... and she even surprised my new hubby and I by making sure our wedding night suite was decorated romantically, we couldnt believe it! She really knows what she is doing and is not afraid to step up and take the reigns. Thank GOD for Teissia, because my wedding truly would not have been what it was, if it wasn't for her. I can't say thank you enough, Teiss. You are amazing and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone I know!!

- Logan and Chase



We are beyond grateful for what Teissia and Firefly did for our wedding. We chose to get married in a friend's backyard in a very remote location, so the coordination of vendors and services was daunting. But Teissia handled everything so professionally and so completely, we were able to enjoy the day without worrying about logistics. I should mention that she managed to do all of this with no cell service (up in the mountains) on the day of the wedding. All of the little details were expertly executed--even little things that she could have let slide but didn't. She is committed to her vision.

A major glitch happened when our seating chart, which was being written on glass window panes by an outside vendor, got broken during shipping the night before our wedding. We had no seating chart and I was panicking. But Teissia stayed completely calm and came up with an incredible idea, and she ran out last minute to buy eleven picture frames. She then printed (beautifully) each table number on paper and framed them, and hung them up around the barn where we were getting married. It looked AMAZING and she somehow managed to do this with mere hours left before our wedding, in the middle of trying to coordinate everything else.

Teissia also coordinated everybody (DJ, bartenders, etc.) staying half an hour later than expected because the party was so so much fun and nobody wanted to leave. And, when a really important family member was an hour and a half late, she managed to keep all the guests blissfully occupied and keep everything moving smoothly. She is a pro at managing family dynamics and was an awesome buffer when difficult situations occurred.

Most importantly, Teissia always had a smile on her face and kept me (the bride) calm during moments of nervousness. We always had complete faith that she would make our event beautiful, and we were not disappointed.

YOU SHOULD HIRE TEISSIA AND FIREFLY! She is like superwoman and she will make your event INCREDIBLE!!!  Thank you Teissia. We will be forever grateful.

- Alix and Miles



Firefly Events was the perfect choice for my wedding! my work is very demanding and I had very little time to spare for planning my wedding. Thanks to the amazing taste and style fromFirefly Events my wedding was a hit!!! Amazing! Best day of my life! I am in love with T and we have had dinner twice since my wedding :) I lover her energy and did I mention her style? I recommend Firefly events to anyone who is planning a wedding!

- Jana Williams



Firefly Events knows how to throw an incredible wrap party! Teissia had an amazing location, famous dj, and delicious vegan catering taken care of in no time. She was organized, innovative, and excellent when it came to dealing with celebrity clientele.

- Aviva from "Superbad"



I hired Teissia almost immediately after getting engaged.  I needed someone who didn't look petrified when I told her that I'd be unavailable and out of town 80% of the time, but still wanted to make the decisions.  She told us she was flexible, and she definitely was!  Teissia understood what I wanted from the beginning.  She sent suggestions, narrowed down options, and attended the majority of the vendor meetings, making my life so much easier.  And when we got to the actual event, everything went perfectly.  I have no idea if there were problems, Teissia handled everything.  Even my mother was impressed.  I have to say, now that I don't speak with her constantly I definitely miss her.  You should hands down hire Firefly Events for your wedding, you won't be disappointed!

- Karen and Daniel



Anyone who needs assistance with planning an event should absolutely call Firefly. You will not be disappointed. I organized a fundraiser to raise money for a local non-profit and didn't realize until half way through the planning that I was in way over my head. That's when I found Firefly Events and the amazing Teissia Treynet. She came in and saved the event from being a complete disaster. She knew exactly what to do and how/when to do it. From space planning to the audio/visual set-up, she took care of it all and remained calm and collected through the whole thing, which is more than I can say for myself. Because of firefly we had an incredibly successful night that enabled us to raise more money than we could have on our own.

- Chelsea Rafferty (Falling Whistles)



Anyone on the fence about hiring a wedding planner should know that the peace of mind you purchase is priceless. Just do it! And if you want a planner that instills the utmost confidence and joy to the process, search no more. My husband and I were blown away by Firefly Events every step of the way. I can't imagine having a planner more diligent, thorough, and thoughtful as Teissia Treynet. Not only did she exceed our expectations with all of the usual services (her vendor contacts and day-of coordination skills alone were worth it)~ but she gave us the sweetest little surprises~ like champagne and flowers petals in our honeymoon suite, and a frame she got all of our wedding guests to secretly sign! I didn't know I could have such a stress-free wedding. But with Firefly Events it  really did happen.

- Rowan and Emilie



As our wedding day was getting closer, I started to realize that we needed a little help with our labor-of-love, diy, handcrafted everything wedding. My husband adamantly disagreed and thought we'd be fine handling everything ourselves. The day after the wedding, he admitted that hiring Teissia was the best money we spent. We couldn't have pulled it off without her. Period.

Teissia is an extraordinary coordinator. Kind, organized, patient, and downright good at what she does. We chose to hold our wedding at a non-traditional venue site in the desert. The place had never hosted a wedding before, offered little to no help with the setup, and were slow to respond to even the most basic questions about the site. We had to rent a small Uhaul van to bring literally everything ourselves -- dishes, tables, decor, etc. A couple days before the wedding, Teissia came over to do a walk-through of everything we had prepared to take. Having never planned and executed a wedding before, I didn't realize how much time and work it was going to take to set up several months worth of projects in a few hours. Teissia did, and rather than stress me out with a "HOLY SHIT" reaction, she just took it all in and brought an additional assistant on the day of, without charging me any additional or even mentioning it.

On the day of the wedding, the logistical nightmares kept piling up. The owner of the venue refused to let us begin setting up until later than we had expected and the weather was uncooperative. As though the brutal desert heat wasn't bad enough, a strong wind picked up and kept blowing things over. Teissia and her dream team of assistants just rolled with it. They never got impatient or stressed out and they were excellent at problem solving solutions to the wind issue (putting the silverware on top of the plate decorations, tying things down, etc.)

I could go on and on listing all the little details that Teissia noticed and handled, but honestly, I probably don't even know them all. That's the beauty of how she works. She takes care of everything and puts her extraordinary skill set to work so that you can just relax and enjoy one of the most special days of your life without the stress. You can find room in your budget for your own peace of mind. Believe me, it's money well spent.

And speaking of money, Teissia's prices are lower than all of the other wedding coordinators I contacted. When I told my mother-in-law how much I paid Teissia, she shook her head and said, "There is no WAY I'd work as hard as she did today for that." I almost felt bad that she didn't charge me more. Unlike most overpriced wedding vendors, she's worth a pretty penny.  

I'll never be able to thank Teissia and her team enough for making my wedding day not only possible, but amazing.

- Kaitlin and Tanner



Because of our venue and our dietary needs (kosher and gluten-free), nothing about our wedding came as a package. There were so many moving parts that I thought my head might spin right off. Even remotely (Firefly in NYC and us in LA), Teissia was an excellent wedding planner, taking care of the smallest details with every vendor.

On the day of our wedding, my wife and I were circling the tables and shmoozing. We got to the table of our rugby friends and they were just about to make a toast, and I didn't have a drink. Teissia must have seen my empty hands before I even realized my friends were toasting because she handed me a drink as soon as I realized I didn't have one. Her awareness of the various goings on and (again) the many details of the wedding day itself, including my and my wife's needs, were spot on.

I have only good things to say about Teissia and her staff.

- Kerry and Julia